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Welcome to the wine and winery page of weloveourlife.com.

We have visited and toured quite a few wineries. There are a couple close to home for us that we enjoy very much. Also, while we were visiting the Hudson River Valley area of New York, we followed the Dutchess County Wine Trail and the Shawangunk Wine Trail to many wonderful wineries. We also visited some wineries while staying in the Charlottesville and Front Royal areas of Virginia.

We found some links to different wine sites that may be useful. Check these links out for additional information.

New York Wineries Oregon Wineries Pennsylvania Wineries Virginia Wineries

Adair Vineyard

52 Allhusen Road
New Paltz, NY 12561

The tasting room is located on the top floor of a 200-plus year old barn. The tasting room was set up well, with an area for tasting, a pot belly stove in one corner which provided welcome heat on a rainy day, different areas with wine accessories (we bought a couple shirts and a magnet – Adair uses a beautiful graphic). Two young women with big smiles conducted the tasting, we wandered about for a little, and when we returned to the cash register, our wine purchases were boxed and waiting and were rung up by another smiling relative (we believe an older brother, father, or uncle). It is a clean, well-run, serene place with a very interesting selection of wines and we recommend it.

New York Wineries
Baldwin Vineyards

176 Hardenburgh Road
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Baldwin has become one of our favorite wineries, and we will always stop in if we are in the area. There is not much to see; tastings are in a remodeled barn, and there was no tour available the two times we've been there. But the tastings are all-encompassing; they will let you try anything they have open and/or available. We have developed a particular fondness for their Memories sparkling wine, which is crisp, dry, and refreshing. We also enjoy their chardonnay, which is full-bodied yet not overpowering. Baldwin is known for their Strawberry Wine. It is a bit sweet for our tastes, but we have brought some home for family members who like the taste. Baldwin recommends topping ice cream with the wine. If visiting this winery, be sure to stop in at Brimstone, which is nearly around the corner.

Benmarl Vineyards

156 Highland Ave
Marlboro, NY 12542

We haven't been to this winery since 1997, but it is truly worth the visit for the tour, especially if it is conducted by the owner, Mr. Miller, a renowned artist who is well-travelled and fascinating. The scenery is breathtaking. Touring this winery made us give some thought to quitting our white-collar jobs, selling the house, and packing up and to go run a winery/inn. What a life!

Brimstone Hill Vineyards

61 Brimstone Hill Rd
Pine Bush, NY 12566

This winery offers a varied tasting. We purchased several of their wines, including the Dom. Bourmont Sparkling Wine and the Pinot Noir. They had some particularly fine red wines. If visiting this winery, be sure to stop in at Baldwin, which is nearly around the corner.

Cascade Mountain Winery

835 Cascade Mountain Road
Amenia, NY 12501

Cascade Winery is definitely out in the country, and we arrived just as they were opening. We took the "self-guided tour" (walked around the small winery ourselves) and sampled the wines, buying several. They also have a restaurant with somewhat gourmet fare, and lots of mushrooms. We especially enjoyed the seyval blanc. We were there too early for lunch, but as we were departing, the lunch crowd had started to arrive, so it appears to be a popular restaurant.

Clinton Vineyards

Schultzville Road
Clinton Corners, NY 12514

Clinton Vineyards is very small, operated by a husband-and-wife team. There isn't a tour available, but don't miss the tasting. The pours are extremely generous. We ended up purchasing some Embrace Raspberry Dessert Wine, which we wouldn't have purchased if we hadn't tried it. We loved the sparkling, and were pleasantly surprised by the peach-flavored champagne, which was dry with a hint of peach. While we were there, some French women arrived for a tasting, and the mistress of the estate graciously slipped into French, surprising and pleasing her foreign guests. She also took the time to tell us the history of their vineyard. We purchased quite a bit, mostly champagne. Accessories are also available (we picked up a champagne stopper). Definitely a worthwhile stop, especially for the sparkling enthusiast. We recommend the Seyval Naturel (sparkling wine), Peach Gala (sparkling wine with peach flavor), and dessert wines.

Demarest Hill Winery

81 Pine Island Turnpike
Warwick, NY 10990

We showed up at this winery in the Warwick Valley just as it opened on Sunday morning. It is in a beautiful setting, atop a hill, and is only a couple years old. The woman who gave us our tasting was the owner and was from Italy. They did not take credit cards. We picked up several bottles. Particularly stunning in appearance was their Sunset Blush wine that they named because it matched the color of a particularly stunning sunset in a photo taken by the mistress of the estate (and our host).

El Paso Winery

742 Broadway
Ulster Park, NY 12487

This small winery with the unlikely name was started by Felipe Beltra in 1977, who hailed from Urugray. Our host, Jerry Vogel, was filling in for his wife, whom he explained usually conducted the tastings, but was away visiting relatives. Jerry was extremely friendly and willing to talk about the wineries and the area. El Paso offers over 15 different varieties of wine, all very moderately priced, and many are available in larger bottles. We purchased some Chianti, as well as some Cream Niagara for relatives. The winery is very easy to find and is located on a main highway.

Millbrook Vineyards

Wing & Shunpike Roads
Millbrook, NY 12545
845-677-8383 or 1-800-662-WINE

Millbrook is one of the largest wineries in the Hudson River Valley. It sits atop a hill and beautiful vistas abound. The tour was formal, headed by a very knowledgeable woman. A couple from Italy was present on our tour and the husband supplied an amusing running commentary, comparing the winery to his own wine-making equipment at home. The highlight of the tour was going upstairs in the large A-frame building, and walking down a catwalk, viewing artwork from local artists, and going towards the upstairs tasting room with its deck overlooking the vineyards and the local hills. The wine was passable (good but not our favorite), but we were especially impressed with the olive oil from their neighboring estate in Italy and we purchased a bottle to take home with us. We did purchase some Tocai Friulano (dry white wine).

Rivendell Winery

714 Albany Post Road
New Paltz, NY 12561

We had to sit through traffic in New Paltz to get to Rivendell, but we were glad we took the time. Rivendell has an amazing variety of wines available, not only from that winery but from others across New York state. We purchased several different bottles, both for us and for family members who enjoyed some sweeter New York wines from other regions. Rivendell also sells a New York grappa (Keith loves grappa). We paid $2 for a very healthy pour of grappa (for those of you who have never encountered grappa, it is made from the skin of the grapes, and is much more expensive and stronger than wine, really resembling more of a liqueur), and purchased a bottle (the $2 was deducted from the purchase price). Rivendell has a very expansive deck with chairs and tables and overlook rolling hills. It was a beautiful autumn day, and many were drinking wine and picnicking outdoors on the deck. Rivendell also sells picnic supplies and great accompaniments such as cheese, crackers, etc. Plan to spend some time here if it is a nice day, and relax and enjoy your wine.

Warwick Valley Winery

114 Little York Road
Warwick, NY 10990

We hit Warwick Valley Winery during high season of the apple harvest (there is an orchard here as well). The retail/tasting room is visually appealing. We wanted to purchase some Champear (fruit-flavored sparkling wine), but they were sold out. We opted for some hard cider, some blush wines for family members, and for some very tasty Black Dirt Red.

West Park Wine Cellars

Burroghs Road
West Park, NY 12561

West Park was not in any of the wine literature we had, and we just happened to drive by the winery and decided to stop in. It was a beautiful September Saturday, and they were preparing for a wedding on the grounds. West Park only offers one type of wine - Chardonnay - and we purchased a couple bottles.

Whitecliff Vineyards

331 McKinstry Road
Gardiner, NY 12525

Whitecliff is one of the newest wineries. It gets its name from local cliffs that are visible from the deck of the tasting room. The winery is new and the wines are still developing, but they do attempt a Gerurtztraminer, something not common to the New York region.

Oregon Wineries
Argyle Winery

691 Hwy 99W
Dundee, OR 97115

Argyle has become one of our favorite producers of sparkling wine and chardonnay. Of course, no trip to their tasting room is complete unless you pet the winery's cat, Snowball.

Edgefield Winery

2126 SW Halsey
Troutdale, OR 97060
Edgefield web page

We stopped at Edgefield on our way to Hood River. There is a brew pub on this location as well. We had lunch at the brew pub, then headed to the winery for a tasting and we purchased two bottles of their sparkling wine. The woman behind the tasting bar was very friendly and conversational.

Hood River Winery

Hood River, OR

This is a small winery. It is free to taste any of their wines. After tasting a couple, we decided on purchasing a bottle of their red wine.

Pennsylvania Wineries
Chaddsford Winery

632 Baltimore Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317

We have visited Chaddsford Winery several times; we love their Proprieter's Reserve White (it is a nice, dry wine, that goes with many different things). It is owned by Eric Miller and his wife (his father owns Benmarl Winery in New York, where we have also visited). We have done tastings a couple times, but usually just go to pick up a supply of wine. The grounds are nice and they have summer concerts and wine dinners.

French Creek Ridge Vineyards

200 Grove Road
Elverson, PA 19520

French Creek Ridge has some excellent sparkling wines and ice wines. The vineyards are set on a beautiful rolling hillside.

Mount Hope Winery

P. O. Box 685
Cornwall, PA 17016
Mount Hope Web Page

Mount Hope

The Mount Hope Winery is home to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. The winery offers a variety of wines, so most everyone can find something that they will enjoy.

Stargazers Vineyard

1024 Wheatland Drive
Coatesville, PA 19320

Stargazers is usually open on Sundays only, but we arranged for a champagne presentation and tasting (by appointment). We met Alice and John Weygandt, the owners and winemakers extraordinaire. We had been to many wineries but really had no idea how sparkling wine was made, so we found this fascinating. We tried several different kinds of their sparkling wine (Lori is a big fan and thinks sparkling wine should be an everyday choice just like still wine – a sentiment shared by the Weygandts). We highly recommend a visit to Stargazers. They produce a wide variety of wine and the hosts are great people to be around. We will return soon. Of course, we couldn’t leave without purchasing a case of sparkling wine!

Twin Brook Winery

5697 Strasburg Road
Gap, PA 17527

We have visited Twin Brook several times. We enjoy their Pinot Gris, one of the dryest white Pennsylvania wines we have tasted. Twin Brook is located in a beautiful old barn, with a nice deck outside. We have done tastings there more than once. We are familiar with the wines and usually stop in when we are headed towards the Lancaster area to add to our wine cellar.

Virginia Wineries
Barboursville Vineyards

17655 Winery Road
Barboursville, VA


Barboursville takes their wines very seriously. They have a beautiful tasting area, complete with a very long wood bar. The tasting costs $3 and includes the glass. In addition, one can sample more than 15 wines. We tried several that we liked, and purchased some. We particularly enjoyed their sparkling brut. A full-service restaurant, Palladio, is on the premises (we did not sample the food). It is a scenic winery with nice grounds and well worth the trip.

Burnley Vineyards

4500 Winery Lane
Barboursville, VA

Burnley is a small, family-operated vineyard. There is a $2 fee for a tasting, which is credited towards a purchase. They have some sweet wines (peach, and some others). Keith enjoyed the red zinfindel.

Gray Ghost Vineyards

14706 Lee Highway
Amissville, VA

We went a little out of our way to visit Gray Ghost, and we are glad we did. The winery is in a valley and looks like a long shed, but it actually very nice inside. It is a family-operated vineyard. We did a tasting and liked all of the wines we tried, especially the seyval. The white wines had a crispness that was refreshing. Our hostess laughingly told us her mother had purchased baskets shaped like ducks so that when guests purchased cheese and crackers to accompany their wine as they sat outside, they could say, "here is your cheese and quackers." Our hostess asked us which wineries we visited, and recommended we visit Linden. Nice people, and a nice little winery.

Jefferson Vineyards

1353 Thomas Jefferson Parkway
Charlottesville, VA

Jefferson Vineyards is located right around the corner from Monticello. We stopped in and ended up purchasing an entire case of wine. We did a tasting and our hostess was pleasant and knowledgeable about the wines.

Linden Vineyards

3708 Harrels Corner Road
Linden, VA


We really enjoyed Linden, and for those who are fans of wineries, this winery is a must. It is located on a hilltop in a scenic valley. The main building is a modern wooden structure. We were greeted warmly when we entered, and tasted several very good wines. The seyval particularly stood out. The tasting room was spacious and breezy. The best part about Linden was the expansive deck with its breathtaking views. We took a cold bottle of wine outside with us and ordered some locally made sausage, cheese, and baguette. It was a nice, relaxing experience, and the people at Linden seemed genuinely glad to see you. We encountered some who had taken a tour and said it was a good tour.

Oakencroft Vineyards

1486 Oakencroft Lane
Charlottesville, VA

We decided to visit Oakencroft after having a bottle of their wine with dinner the previous evening. It is a scenic drive just to the west of Charlottesville proper. There was a duck pond in front of the tasting room with Adirondack chairs perched at the edge of the pond. Our hostess for the tasting was pleasant and knowledgeable. We enjoyed her shirt that proclaimed "Old Wino" (the shirts were available for purchase). The tastings are $1, or $3 with a souvenir glass. We purchased several bottles of wine.

Oasis Winery

14141 Hume Road
Hume, VA
1-800-304-7656 or 540-635-7627

If you enjoy the singles bar scene, you will like Oasis. If you like crowding up to a bar and paying inflated prices for wine and champagne by the glass, you will love Oasis. If you like sweet wines (we don't), you will appreciate Oasis. If you like fighting for a tasting attendant's attention, you will definitely like this place. If you like fighting aggressive drivers for parking spaces, then this is your paradise. If you like pretentious glitz and glamour with no substance, look no further. Needless to say, we were not impressed (with the product, the attitude, or the place in general). We each paid for a tasting, but could not get served any but two wines. The first - a chardonnay - was supposedly the driest. Honestly, after that, we weren't so sure we wanted to even taste anything else. We went to Oasis because they had sparkling wine, but when we saw the price was nearly $60 a bottle and the chardonnays we tasted were bland, we opted out. Oasis touts its many awards and "Hollywood connections" on its website. Thou doth boast too much.

Prince Michel Vineyard

HCR4, Box 77
Leon, VA

Prince Michel is easy to get to, and is on a main highway. It is one of the largest wineries in the state. We tasted several wines, and were impressed. Our bubbly hostess was pleasant yet knowledgeable. Their wine store is well-stocked with accompanying items. It is well worth a stop.

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