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Pacific Northwest Excursion - Day Seven

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Tuesday, July 17, 2001

We had breakfast at the Stephanie Inn's dining room on the second floor. There was a lavish buffet. We had eggs with cheese and pepper bacon. There was fresh fruit and juices. There was also a table with fresh bread, and we toasted sesame bagels. We checked out and packed up the car. We programmed our next destination into Maggie, and she told us we had a 250-mile drive ahead of us. There was some rain, and it poured at times that morning. We took Route 101 north which eventually took us inland. At last we crossed a very long bridge into Washington. We were in an area owned mostly by the lumber companies and we read the signs that told us who had planted the forests and how old they were (the re-foresting plan). During mid-day, we went off the highway in search of food and stopped at The Timbers Restaurant in Shelton, WA for lunch. This was truly logging country. The restaurant was packed so we figured it was decent - it was also the only restaurant in town. The food was very inexpensive here. Lori had a deluxe burger and Keith had a club, both accompanied by home-made fries. We appreciated the bottomless iced tea.

Rejuvenated, we headed north on the Olympic Peninsula towards Port Angeles. We were driving along the water, which was on our right, and it was very scenic and rural. We found a Seattle talk radio station with a radio host who was obviously in heat and imitating Howard Stern (BJ Shea), but the signal was strong and we could listen to it all the way to Port Angeles. We realized our inn was actually 7 miles east of Port Angeles, so we stopped in the small town of Sequim to re-fuel and re-stock the ice supply in our cooler.

We arrived at our inn around 3:45, close to the designated check-in time of 4 p.m. We were staying at Colette's. Lori got out and opened the "deer gate" so Keith could drive onto the grounds. We expected to have to wait a few minutes, but were disappointed that we have to wait until 4:30 until our room was ready. After spending all day on the road, all we wanted to do was go to our room and unwind. Finally it was ready. As we walked to our room, the innkeeper pointed out the 50-year-old rhododendrons. It was obvious that meticulous care was taken of the wonderful gardens.

Ours was a beautiful room with a huge picture window that overlooked the water and Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in the distance. We had consulted with the innkeeper and had opted for the closest restaurant - Depuis, which was out on Route 101 and was only a few minutes away. We had made an early reservation, but we had time to soak in the Jacuzzi first.

We headed out for Depuis Restaurant, Highway 101, Port Angeles. The hostess showed us to a table in a rear dining room, explaining that it was the table where Barbra Streisand and James Brolin had shared on a recent visit. We chose a local Washington white wine. Keith had a big salad full of fresh vegetables. Lori happily chose the chowder. Keith had filet mignon as his entree, and Lori had seafood coronado, which was shrimp and crab with a cheese sauce. Both were accompanied by Potatoes Depuis.

We went back to Colette's and our room, which was the Spruce Suite. This is definitely one of the nicest rooms we have stayed in. It was spotless, with exquisite wood floors, trim, and doors. The electronics were state-of-the-art, with a TV/VCR/DVD combination mounted in the corner. There was a sound system in a custom-built unit that houses a CD juke box stocked with many different CDs, mostly instrumental (classical, jazz, etc.). What was even more amazing were the ceiling speakers in both the bedroom and bathroom. We could turn up the speakers in the bathroom and turn them down in the bedroom so we could listen to music in the Jacuzzi and not bother our nextdoor neighbors. The bathroom vanity was Corian, and there was a separate stall shower. The fixtures were all brushed metal. The Jacuzzi had a window overlooking the water. There were extra thirsty towels. The huge windows were all spotless, which was a feat in itself.

We had a drink and sat outside in adirondack chairs watching the sunset over the water, which was stunning. It was quiet and all we could hear was the chirping of the birds. When it got darker, we went inside and put some jazz on in the bathroom while we soaked in the Jacuzzi. We sank into the king-size bed and slept soundly.

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