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Western Caribbean Cruise - Day Eight

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Friday, Januray 2, 2009

The ship docked fairly early in Nassau. This was our last full day on the cruise and once again, we had opted to stay onboard. This time it was super quiet and it was a beautiful day. We had a sit-down breakfast and then grabbed lounge chairs in great spots by the azure pool. As we did earlier in the week, we went inside to the Red Sail at lunch to get something to eat. Because Nassau was the sort of port you could simply walk on and off the ship and didnít necessarily have to have a trip booked, people returned to the ship earlier in the day, so by mid-afternoon we got our bottle of wine and headed back down to our room. The ship left port shortly after 4 p.m. and we got some great shots of our departure from Nassau, including the Atlantis resort and a small lighthouse on the tip of Paradise Island. It was obvious we were further north as it was getting chillier.
That night we had our final dinner onboard and gave something extra to our head waiter. We also gave something extra this night (and on an earlier night) to our room steward as we felt she was superior. After dinner the wait staff sang Happy Birthday to Lori. We went to the show and played bingo before it started (we didnít win). The show consisted of various karaoke singers during the week who sang as famous people (Elvis, Garth Brooks, Gloria Estefan, Britney Spears, etc.). They were dressed up as the celebrities and it was actually very well done. Afterwards we headed back to our cabin as we knew we would be getting up early.

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