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Western Caribbean Cruise - Day Four

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Keith got up in the morning to go to sit-down breakfast – Lori wasn’t yet ready to eat. She soaked in the Jacuzzi, which was nice after the night before, and then thoroughly enjoyed sipping a full-sugar coke with ice on the balcony. We hadn’t planned to get off the ship in Cozumel. Because the ship was so packed we were looking forward to peace and quiet on port days. Initially we thought we might walk around Cozumel, but after Lori’s stomach issues, we decided Mexico was probably not a good idea. In mid-morning we went out to the Azure pool area. It was empty and we were able to find good seats. We spent the morning reading and soaking, and then went inside to the Red Sail Restaurant for lunch.

Red Sail is the casual dining area – it is a buffet with self-serve beverage area. We found they had that nice strong iced tea on tap, and we simply added ice and lemons. We also discovered a deli where we ordered grilled cheese sandwiches. We then supplemented with fruit, etc. from the buffet. Immediately outside the restaurant is a soft-serve ice cream/frozen yogurt machine with cones and dishes available. Keith enjoyed chocolate soft-serve ice cream and Lori had several helpings during the cruise of the soft-serve frozen yogurt.

After spending the afternoon in the sun on deck with more reading and soaking, we got ready for dinner. On this night we were headed to the Emerald Supper Club. If you are the least bit into foodie things, this is a must. Reservations are required. We had a reservation for 6 adults (3 couples) at 7 p.m. that evening. You know as soon as you walk in here that it is much more upscale than the formal dining area. We couldn’t even count the number of people who waited on us. This was an additional $30 per person but was definitely worth it. Note that you cannot order two entrees in the supper club or they will charge you an additional $30 (one person in our party tried). You can get more than one appetizer though.

Keith started with the beef carpaccio and then had the classic Caesar salad that was made table-side. Lori had the lobster bisque with vintage cognac (delicious, served over one large bread/crouton piece), followed by the jumbo shrimp cocktail with wasabe sauce. For his entrée, Keith had filet mignon with 3-peppercorn sauce. He said it was a very good filet but not the best he has ever had. Lori had the lobster tail – it was mostly scooped out of the shell and she had to do very little work on it (the servers offered to help). Keith got a really nice assortment of fruit for dessert and Lori went for the cheese presentation – they provided huge hunks of cheese that she shared. We were also given an assortment of bite-size desserts compliments of the chef. All in all, this was a wonderful experience. We were there for 3 hours and lots of people were serving us!

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