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Western Caribbean Cruise - Day Three

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

We got up early enough to go to sit-down breakfast. We preferred the sit-down option over the buffet breakfast. It seemed more civilized and the food wasn’t “picked over.” On this first day, Keith had eggs benedict and hash browns Lori had scrambled egg substitute, chicken sausage, hash browns, and an English muffin. We ordered iced tea, which was served chilled and very strong.

After breakfast we changed into our suits and went back to the Azure pool area. Since it was an “at-sea” day it was packed, so we got lounges on a deck above, overlooking the pool and hot tubs. The sky became overcast so we went back to our room and ordered room service for lunch. Room service is free although it is suggested you tip the server extra. Keep in mind that there aren’t a lot of options on the room service menu and we noted that “sandwiches” were really more like appetizers. The weather cleared up so we headed back to the pool area and this time were able to find lounges on the pool level. There is a skylight covering that can be closed over this pool in inclement weather and that’s what had been done – they were in the process of opening that up. We sat in the hot tub and chatted with a member of our party for awhile.

Lori was having stomach issues and we eventually headed back to our suite to get changed for the first of two “elegant” evenings. Lori was spending more and more time in the bathroom and finally realized she was too sick to make it to dinner. Keith got dressed up (he cleans up nicely) and went to dinner with the family. Lori was able to see the football game – in between running back and forth to the bathroom. The fleecy blanket that was stored under the couch came in handy, as she had the chills. So did the nice thick, plush bathrobes that were in the room. We do want to note that this was not one of those instances you hear about occasionally where a lot of people on a cruise ship get sick – in fact, we didn’t hear of anyone else who got a stomach bug. Lori is prone to them and probably picked it up before she got on the ship. It was blessedly short and she was sleeping soundly shortly after midnight.

The towel animal of the day.

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