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For one of Keith's birthdays, Lori gave him a hot-air balloon ride. We flew with Above the Clouds. It was a truly incredible experience.

We splurged and had a one-hour flight to ourselves. In hindsight, perhaps this wasnít the best thing Lori could have gotten Keith for a milestone birthday; after all, heís afraid of heights! That was apparent on Keithís face as we were watching them inflate the balloons; his face seemed to alternate between excitement, interest, and sheer terror!

It is a fascinating process and even if you donít fly, itís interesting to watch the balloons inflate and take off. There was also a balloon full of six people and a pilot flying in tandem with us.

We need to take a moment and tell you how great these people are. They are quick wits and are clearly very professional and very experienced, yet they exude a child-like joy about what they do; they are passionate about ballooning. Our pilot was Tim. He told us anything we asked and even explained what he was doing as we went.

The take-off is so gentle, you donít even realize you are rising at first. The balloon goes with the breeze and the chase vans follow. We were amazed at the birds-eye view we had of things; looking down at the trees and greenery made them look like accessories for a model railroad set-up. We had fun checking out how dirty or clean private pools were. We also got to see some deer.
We had chosen the sunset ride as we couldnít picture ourselves doing this at 5:30 in the morning. When we descended, we had champagne to celebrate the ride. It was a wonderful experience and one we would highly recommend. We also recommend Above the Clouds. They also gave us a recommendation for dinner; we followed their advice and had a great meal!